……Even as I ricochet between insecurity and curious expectancy.

I want to live out of the center of my true desires. Yesterday I received a texted photo of our granddaughter dressed in her Halloween costume.   I bet you’re just little smitten by her utter adorableness.  This is what I texted back to her momma: “Lord, make us like Kenley—full of faith and freedom! This is no costume. This is the real thing!”  I see an unselfconscious joyful girl.

Here it goes—my unmasked desire:

TO ASK YOU TO CELEBRATE WITH ME the 5th YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the publication of Table Life.

Yes!  November, 2016 marks five years since I opened the first box. Almost 11,000 books are “out there.”  This week I am rereading the pages with a yellow highlighter and amazed gratitude for the enduring relevance of our shared tables.  God is still speaking to my own heart and I believe he wants to speak to others.


1)      ”LIKE” my TableLife facebook page. Throughout the month of November take a pause to soak in quotes from TL that I will post .  I pray that they will encourage and refresh you.   Think of it as a way to prepare for your Thanksgiving  table, just 23 days away.

2)    Most likely you have already read Table Life.  But would you consider purchasing another copy  to give as a gift between now and Christmas? Whether it’s for a friend or family, a newlywed, or a ministry leader in your church, let’s make amazon.com wonder what’s happening!  This is my open-faced ask of you.  Every book purchased will help fulfill two goals:  Spread the contagious grace of hospitality AND support the rescue ministry of As Our Own.  All profits of TL go directly to this ministry that rescues little girls born in the brothels and raises them as their own daughters.  (See AsOurOwn.org)



Sometime in Feburary/March  I will travel to India!   I look forward to hand delivering the 2016 support check and hearing from the rescued girls their stories and dreams through the grace of Jesus, the Bread of Life.


One thought on “LETTING YOU IN

  1. 5 years of God’s love for the table spreading and soaking into the lives of so many. Congratulations! Thank you, dear friend, for being faithful to His call and showering us with the blessing of inspired words. Today my table is set as an altar to His grace and presence. Table Life is not just a book but a peek at the heart of God.

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