Tears In Our Soup Bowl

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Just the two of us for dinner tonight.  I prepared a pot of Black Bean Quinoa Sweet Potato Soup.  No kids around to inspect and complain about all the stuff floating in the bowl! We topped it with avocado, kale, cilantro and almonds. Hearty, satisfying simple goodness.

But the real meal was a story shared.  Earlier in the day we received an email from our niece Rebecca and her husband Andrew who are missionaries in Albania.  A country ravaged by poverty & abuse, Rebecca and Andrew extend Christ’s love to the most vulnerable – abandoned street children. 

If you are like me, it’s easy to hurriedly scan the tidal wave of e-mails that ping our cellphones and computers. But when I saw the heading of their email it was a nudge to bring it to the dinner table.  As I read their story out loud our after-meal pause transformed into an altar of tears and prayers. Albania is a long ways from Minneapolis, but tonight it felt as close as a heartbeat.

Do you view your table as an invitation to slow down and tell stories of life and faith?  We all know the temptation to “eat and run.” And yes, I get it – fussy, crabby, picky children often test parents with a trauma of their own kind!  But let’s not miss the value of cultivating our tables as a place set apart for bringing stories. Whether they produce laughter or tears, whether you are the storyteller or the listener, stories enliven our hearts to live with purpose and gratitude.  And that’s a meal worth eating.

3 thoughts on “Tears In Our Soup Bowl

  1. Thanks,Joanne, for your concern and prayers for their difficult and heart-wrenching work. Love your thoughtful words.

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