Would You Do This For Me?


I like when my husband asks me to do something for him. The other day Roger was leaving town for a speaking engagement so he asked me to pick up his sharpened saw & chisel blades at a tool repair store.  I knew what he had in mind– upon returning from his trip he could immediately put his hands on his sharpened tools to dive into his woodworking project.  “Sure Hon, I’ll get them for you.”

Just days before his crucifixion Christ asked Peter and John to do something for him. “Go prepare the Passover for us, that we may eat.”   Peter and John asked Jesus, “Where?”   Jesus knew exactly where, but I must say his clues were more intriguing than Roger’s directions to the tool store.  Peter and John were to look for a man carrying a jar of water and follow him to an upper room of a Jerusalem home.  Imagine their curiosity!



Jesus told them “where” but they really didn’t know the “why” until later.  At this meal Jesus revealed a whole new meaning for the Passover meal.  His death would fulfill redemption once and for all.  It was at this intimate table prepared by Peter & John that Jesus tenderly told his friends, “I have eagerly desired to eat this Passover meal with you before I suffer.” Imagine Peter and John soaking in Jesus’ vulnerability. Though they wouldn’t fully grasp the gravity of Christ’s words until after his resurrection, they got to have a part in preparing the redemption table by plucking parsley and buying loaves of barley bread.

Holy week invites us to prepare. And perhaps you are starting to think about the table you will share with family and friends. Let’s be amazed that God wants to take our little place of home and table to honor the Risen King. This world is not our home, but our homes are God’s embassy.  I can hear Christ calling the living church, “Go and prepare.” Listen to his prompting.  Remember. Celebrate. Plan a love feast.  Christ is Risen!


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One thought on “Would You Do This For Me?

  1. So grateful for your insightful reminders to value my table gatherings, as Jesus did. Preparing festive celebrations in my “embassy”, longing for “home”. Pondering today Christs’s death that makes life with Him possible.

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