LETTING YOU IN ON A DESIRE OF MINE……. ……Even as I ricochet between insecurity and curious expectancy. I want to live out of the center of my true desires. Yesterday I received a texted photo of our granddaughter dressed in her Halloween costume.   I bet you’re just little smitten by her utter adorableness.  This is [...]


Between Flight of Time

His gray hooded sweatshirt sagged.  Was it just comfy, or did it hint at what I saw on my brother-in-law’s face?  The months of E.C.’s vigil at my sister’s suffering bedside etched exhaustion and dark shadows around his piercing blue eyes.  In May all five of us siblings & spouses flew to Vermont to celebrate Martha’s life. Before [...]

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Would You Do This For Me?

  I like when my husband asks me to do something for him. The other day Roger was leaving town for a speaking engagement so he asked me to pick up his sharpened saw & chisel blades at a tool repair store.  I knew what he had in mind– upon returning from his trip he [...]



Scattered on my kitchen table today is real personal mail delivered to our home this past December, including a rich variety of photographs and stories from friends. What treasures!  Funny thing is – I know how easy it is to hastily skim right past these gifts in the fray of Christmas schedules.   I remember the [...]