About the Book

For years I have been fascinated by the role of the table in the life of Jesus. Of course he needed food to live and he was entirely dependent on the hospitality of others. But the table was much more to Jesus than food for energy. It was also the place where he deepened and celebrated relationships.

Instead of starting with the “how-to’s” of table settings or recipes, Table Life invites the reader to first look at Jesus licking honey off his fingers, giving thanks, enjoying lingering conversation, loving a stranger, making promises, telling stories—all at the table!

With the internet there is a plethora of “how-tos” available but they don’t necessarily call the heart. Table Life is both inspirational and practical. Today we love our coffee shops and cooking show but we often neglect to share the vulnerable, intimate place of home. Table Life reminds us that no matter what kind or size of home we live in, the kitchen table is precious to God. Our tables can become a place where children flourish, hearts grow in faith, and the community faith is strengthened in love. We experience this life by learning to treasure Christ’s presence at the table.

Beyond our tables

I have written Table Life from the comforts of a prosperous Minneapolis suburb. But throughout the world, in every nation, there are orphans waiting for a family to belong to and a table to celebrate. All profits generated from the sale of Table Life will be joyfully given to adoption and rescue ministries. Currently funds are being directed to AS OUR OWN, a ministry that adopts girls born into brothels or in risk of sexual trafficking, showing the the love of Jesus, and raising them as their own daughters.  See http://asourown.org/

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